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I am executing this Certification to attest to the authenticity and veracity of all documents submitted. 4. I understand that any violation will automatically disqualify me from the selection process. 5. By executing this Omnibus Certification of Authenticity and Veracity of Documents I hereby authorize the Department of Education SDO Nueva Vizcaya through the School Head to verify the authenticity of the abovementioned documents. Republic of the Philippines DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION Region 02...
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hey guys welcome back to my youtube channel at comeback Opel channel cut dont forget to subscribe and for todays video guys I will be sharing to you my experience passing the pertinent papers for teacher 1 position you might be wondering is all June about nimbala Homolka pass an impertinent papers for you the ranking or for the teacher one to tell you honestly guys this is my fourth attempt no this is my fourth application setup at the public school my experience rankings at glan province cause in my hometown so unfortunately hindi aruna paso simply because I dont have any teaching experience so you need a wanaka pass off the second one is in Mandaluyong this was last year so 2018 Ive passed all my credentials now undergo upon a ranking but still as of now independent italic I so can pick it up guys gonna heat up human process I thought this is the reason the most recent one is indefinite cell so as of now Im so waiting for their call come have a pass above us at school see and Im hoping the data well kinda fall because in my heat up Kousaka is no more hot pass so my path of public school could say alumni you and I had not Danella had now cut complete openness and more requirements and everything mahira element guys so since this is my fourth attempt not in passing my application I thought of sharing to you come on do button and the baby children a pertinent paper snail and gonna buy my requirements not fail on you in panic offering you guys met on the collocation of pertinent papers for teacher one and this is the most important kaylynn alumni mu a nu this is the unique applicant number you will just put it there your name and of course the look in your applicants so basically this is for the cover of it again another moment ago said so long white folder tapas Milligan presumption along cop invent everything in a purpose on you guys and if a photocopy no it should be in the long copper mine so lets talk about the contents or the table of contents firstly kill an American application letter so if you want to have a copy I can send it to you by a Skype if you just if you just want to have a copy I can send send it to you via Skype this is my personal personal work at all but I thought of sharing it to you so yeah you can contact me but its pallet onion along among our qualifications here and everything so I make sure guys that you have the date and its in block form tapas you know continue principals a schooner play and your that is important you can google it youll have my Manasa Google Doc post allegheny lunch animal credentials new open graduate behind a masters degree bachelors degree if you pass the licensure examination your more teaching experience new Lacanian ill Allegheny engines escuela methanol screening committee now competent young papers move so let us dive into the table of contents and as you can notice guys Milligan conduction amar letters at the side para para screening committee getting busy llama shadow mahirah band in...